Our Shoes



There are approximately 14 000 nerve endings in your feet. Super soft felted shoes will take the shape of your foot and you stand firmly with all your weight on them. Your blood will circulate better and ease your body tensions. In case of excessive sweating or cold feet, you get immediate relief as the shoes will help regulate your body’s temperature.


With Felts shoes, you stay dry & comfortable. There is no moist, so there is no odours or odour-causing bacteria in Felts shoes.
When you need to wash your Felts, hand wash or machine wash, do the “wool”, “hand wash” or “delicate” program (max 30 degrees C).
After washing, put your feet into the wet shoes, pat your shoe into shape and leave to air dry.


Together with Merino wool and nettle fabric, there is no other shoe like ours. Our shoes are handmade, numbered and signed by our proud artisans. With the nettle fabric handmade in Nepal, we can give work to remote mountain villages where the nettle grows the strongest.
The Merino wool we source from New Zealand for the trust of their animal rights laws.


In case of any question’s, please let us hear of them, contact @ felts.shoes
Enjoy the feel & comfort of your Felts all year round.