Hi friends, my name is Antti. I get to design luxurious garments from the finest of raw materials, in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. This Merino shoe project came from a need. My young friend’s feet were suffering from her skin. I wanted to help her and nurture those feet. I have knowledge of the health benefits of wools and different fabrics. I knew that I had to use Merino wool for its unmatched breathability and its highly medicinal ¨wool oil¨ Lanolin. Similarly, I needed nettle fabric to be the chosen sole that it is a ¨hollow fibre¨ and shares the same breathing properties with Merino wool. After seeing how this idea helped my friend to heal, I understood that I had a product which had a significant health benefit and it would be a possible help for many other issues. Nine months into the project now, we feel that we are very close to having perfected Felts and are starting our second round of crowdfunding. I am doing this with the most talented artisans in Nepal. I hope that all our conscious efforts help to make the world a better place. Be among the first to enjoy the comfort of Felts.